Най-високо ниво на изпълнение !







1. Smoother lifting lever – The improved lifting lever which moves smoothly will greatly reduce operator’s fatigue.

2. The life of the work clamp check has been greatly increased (12mm) so that heavy-weight materials may be sewn easily.

3. The number of stitches can be set at any value between 54 and 345 simply by changing the spur gears. The improved throat plate base, tension release cam and feed cam will provide still better buttonholing finish.

4. Furthermore, change in the buttonholing size can easily be met by the use of exchangeable gauge.

5. With special design, this machine is available for flat and cylinder operation. It is suitable for sleeve and pocked.

6. Safety device to prevent knife from being dropped in case of needle thread break age. If the needle thread should break while sewing, this safety device will prevent the knife from being dropped, and therefore chance for damage to work pieces under process is eliminated. When you do not cut the fabric after sewing, keep on pressing the knife stop lever, and the knife will not be dropped.

7. Automatic one-pedal unit- This new unit incorporating an automatic device requires only one pedal operation to start or terminate buttonholing. The work clamp check comes down or goes up automatically through this automatic device developed. Accordingly, this unit may allow one operator to attend to two machines.