CODE: DL7000 – L2







Direct Drive High speed single needle thread trimmer machine


. For medium / heavy material.
. The optimum and elegant machine head was created,
using the latest sewing mechanisms in order to
achieve low-tension sewing. The machine flexibly
responds to a wide range of materials and produces
beautiful seams of steady quality.Adopts the built-in
reverse feeding solenoid , nosie is soft, maintenance is
easy, and strengthens durability of the machine.




Direct Drive High speed single needle lockstitch thread trimmer machine (with Rotary Trimming Mechanism)


. For medium / heavy material.
. Applied with rotary trimming mechanism, the trimming
result is perfect. It reduces the consumption thread,
decreases the frequency of bobbin changing, and
increases sewing efficiency.




Direct Drive High speed single needle needle feed thread trimmer locksitich Machine


. For medium / heavy material.
. When the needle penetrates the material, the needle
and feed dog feed the material synchronously,
minimizing material slippage. It is suitable for sewing
slippery or multiple-laid materials. Stitch-length is
precise, and stitching is excellent.




Direct Drive High speed vertical edge trimmer single needle thread trimmer lockstitich machine


. For medium material.
. This machine lets you sew and cut the fabric at the same
time, when turning the knob up, this machine
can be used for ordinary lockstitch machine. This
function lets you change easily between normal sewing
and cutting while sewing.


Sub-class 32 40 48 64 95
Gauge Width 1/8″ 5/32″  3/16″ 1/4″ 3/8″
EX: DL7000-RM1-32-13





Auto Tread Trimmer Machine (Function Option) Table
No. Control Panel No. Reverse Feeding Wiper Auto Lifter Servo Motor DL7000T-T1
1 L-90A 0 V T50D8S11+TML4502CB-4
1 L-90A 1 V V T50D8S11+TML4502CB-4
1 L-90A 2 V V T50D8S11+TML4502CB-4
1 L-90A 3 V V V T50D8S11+TML4502CB-5
DL7000-M1- 1  3